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The role of the Montessori Guide is to observe each child and present individual lessons as the child is ready for them. Guides propose questions that promote learning and allow the children to be actively absorbed in doing activities they themselves have selected.

The Guide controls the environment, not the children. The child's effort and work is respected, and the guide, through extensive observation and record keeping, plans individual projects and lessons to enable each child the opportunity to learn what she needs to in order to progress.  Assessments are not based on grades, high-stakes tests, or homework but, rather, by ongoing observation, compilation of portfolios or work, and by supporting mastery of concepts.

Our learning environments support a bilingual, inclusive, and equitable approach to Education.  63% of our staff members are bilingual. Each classroom includes at least one native Spanish speaking Assistant and an English speaking Lead Guide, however, many of our head faculty members are also fluent in Spanish.


Toddler House
Becky Buendia, Level Coordinator (bilingual)
Hummingbird Toddler House Lead Guide

Dinora Chicani (bilingual)
Hummingbird Toddler House Assistant

Rebeca Flores (bilingual)
Butterfly Toddler House Lead Guide

Jenny Quezada (bilingual)
Butterfly Toddler House Assistant

Tori Miller
Educational Support Assistant, Toddler House

Scientific observation then has established that education is not what the teacher gives; education is a natural process spontaneously carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words but by experiences upon the environment.
— Dr. Maria Montessori

Children’s House
Marcela Durlanich, Level Coordinator (bilingual)
Jackrabbit Children’s House Lead Guide

Claudia Flores (bilingual)
Jackrabbit Children’s House Assistant

Maria Mar Cabillo, Chef (bilingual)
Jackrabbit Children’s House Interim Assistant

Haley Robling
Bobcat Children’s House Lead Guide

Leydi Bojorquez (bilingual)
Bobcat Children’s House Assistant

Tess Kimura
Gray Fox Children’s House Lead Guide

Yadira Barnett (bilingual)
Gray Fox Children’s House Assistant

Audrey Roodvoets (bilingual)
Cactus Wren Children’s House Lead Guide

Marali Bancesfuerte (bilingual)
Cactus Wren Children’s House Assistant

Heather Waldorf, Gardening Specialist (bilingual)
Educational Support Assistant, Children’s House Program

Lower Elementary
Ruchira Fernando, Elementary Level Director
Coyote Lower Elementary Lead Guide

Karina Quezada (bilingual)
Coyote Lower Elementary Assistant

Rebeca Godfrey (bilingual)
Black Bear Lower Elementary Lead Guide

Elvia Shepard (bilingual)
Black Bear Lower Elementary Assistant

Lisa MacIsaac
Educational Support Assistant, Elementary Program

Upper Elementary
Franciso Bailon (bilingual)
Falcon Upper Elementary Lead Guide

Denise Morón-Benentiz (bilingual)
Falcon Upper Elementary Assistant

Support & Specialty Assistants
Jalen Hunter

Mekenzie Valdivia

Natasha Bachrach, Art Teacher (bilingual)

Rebecca Sievert, Creo Farm Manager (bilingual)
Carpentry Instructor

Aaron Spector, Music & Band


Leadership and


Jill Rovira
Head of School

Jennilyn Costantini
Communications & Development Director  

Barbara Miller
Finance Manager

Lauren Franchek
Marketing & Program Director

Brenda Giblin
Administrative Assistant

Sarah Loewenthal
Administrative Support