¡Hola familias de Creo!

Bienvenidos a nuestra comunidad Montessori. Aqui creemos que la adquisición de una segunda lengua mediante la inmersión, en este caso el Español es importante para que cada niño llegue a desarrollar La Paz y poder apreciar la cultura.


Why Spanish?

Creo chose Spanish because it is a global language with over 400 million speakers worldwide. It is the second-most spoken language in the world and third-most used language on the internet. Spanish is the dominant language in the Western Hemisphere. It is projected that by 2050, the United States will become the largest Spanish speaking country with over 138.2 million speakers. 

Creo’s campuses are positioned in the lovely Southwestern region of the United States and over 30% of Arizona’s residents are Spanish speakers. As a Romance language originated in Latin, Spanish immersion increases our students’ abilities to decipher and comprehend the core roots of other languages such as English, Portuguese, French, Italian and Romanian. By learning Spanish, Creo’s students broaden their cultural horizons, academic achievement and will ultimately expand their future employment options.

“Our family appreciates how Creo encourages our kids to explore and respect culture with open hearts. My husband was born and raised in Chihuahua, Mexico. Finding a school that would enrich our children's connection to his heritage was extremely important to us. Watching our three children thrive at Creo from Toddler House through Elementary with determination to reach fluency in Spanish has opened many doors to forming relationships with their cousins and extended family. We are blown away by the fact that our kids are able to converse in Spanish and how excited they are to send notes to loved ones, internationally! The Spanish immersion at Creo has impacted their confidence, appreciation and love for language in so many ways!”

Lindsey Nevarez, Creo parent since 2014.


Supporting bilingualism - Creo’s approach

Our Montessori learning environments provide full Spanish immersion. One teacher in each classroom, across all levels, explicitly speaks Spanish. As our students advance through Creo’s programs, they are provided a continuum of Spanish curriculum. From learning nouns, phrases, and basic conversations in their earliest experiences to reading and writing in their Elementary years, each skill acquired serves as a building block toward fluency.

Mastery of language becomes possible through Creo’s multi-age approach. The older children in each classroom serve as translators and teachers for the younger children entering each level. By sharing and solidifying knowledge, Creo students assume an important role at each grade level. Our community feels like family, you will always see children helping each other to blossom, each day anew.

Creo’s faculty members join us from across the globe. They represent several Mexican states, Central and South America including Peru and Colombia, and also Spain! The diversity of our native-Spanish speaking teachers expose our students to various dialects within the language and their unique cultures.

Everything we say to children is absorbed, catalogued and remembered.
— Dr. Maria Montessori

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BILINGUALISM and the brain 

Dr. Maria Montessori observed and identified the young child’s “Absorbent Mind”. She also recognized a universal “Sensitive Period” for acquisition of language. Current neuroscience constantly proves this fact and identifies these critical periods as “Windows of Opportunity.” Children from ages birth to six are able to obtain language with minimal effort. In addition, learning a second language has demonstrated increased memory abilities and forward-thinking skills. Studies have shown that learning a second languages strengthens children’s natural abilities to concentrate and stay focused.