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Financial Aid

Creo School is committed to offering a quality, AMI Montessori education to any child while supporting a diverse educational community.  To meet this commitment, scholarships are available on both a need and merit basis. Any current or potential family is able to apply for a scholarship. The first step in applying for any scholarship would be to set up a meeting with our Development Director, Jennilyn Costantini at

The Financial Aid Application should also be filled out and submitted for new and returning students seeking financial aid. Forms should be emailed to

Arizona Private School Tax Credit Scholarship

We have partnered with three different Student Tax Organizations (STO) who fund and award Tax Credit Scholarships to any student that is eligible.  The three organizations that we have partnered with are shown to the right; we encourage you to click on each to begin to learn more about the Tax Credit Scholarships. 

What is a Tax Credit Scholarship? It is YOU taking ownership of your required state tax dollars and CHOOSING to redirect them to go from the state government to a student who is enrolled full time in a private school via an STO organization. The STO will issue funds to Creo School after an award cycle, thus directly benefiting your child by reducing their tuition.  The short minute video below further outlines this beneficial program and "How It Works"

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