Six weeks to approximately 15 months


“Nido”, meaning “nest” in Italian, conveys Dr. Maria Montessori’s emphasis of warmth and security. Creo’s Montessori Nido environment will encompass a homelike-feel of calm and cozy.  Our AMI Guides will promote love and connection while respecting the baby’s natural journey of development.  Creo believes in providing infants with a clean, beautiful, accepting, and encouraging environment.  The trained adults recognize that your baby is developing their personality and self-confidence through absorbing language for self-expression.  We value that infants must have time, space, and freedom to move, so they can practice each step necessary for successful development. The environment will have floor-to-ceiling windows, seeping with natural light as well as access to a protected outdoor space.  In our Nido community, you will notice there won’t be high-chairs, playpens, or walkers – nothing restricting the development of movement. 

Creo is dedicated to attentively working with parents by providing educational opportunities prior, during, and throughout a baby’s time in our Nido Environment.  This will aid the Guide’s observations of your family’s needs and desires, baby’s feeding and sleeping schedules, and natural functions through a healthy, collaborative approach. As each child learns to meet their own unique needs, they will build trusting relationships with the world around them. Children enrolled in our Nido environment will also be guaranteed placement in our Toddler House program. 

The child, making use of all that he finds around him, shapes himself for the future.
— Dr. Maria Montessori